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OCT 31st, Reformation Day Sale!! One day only! 

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Not only is this a one day sale, this is your opportunity to be the first to own the all new MAD Black bolt carrier group! Have you enjoyed our Micro Slick BCG? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. MAD Black is the latest technology and industry leading coating for your BCG. MSRP is $190.00. Get yours ONE DAY ONLY for $160.00 (+ $7.25 flat rate shipping)!!

MAD Black, BCG, bolt carrier group


MAD Black specifications:

– Self lubricating compound that requires NO oil and NO break in period

– Lasted over 3,000 hours in a 5% salt spray test!

– Achieved the highest hardness rating of 9h (ASTM D3363)

– Achieved the highest adhesion rating of 5B (ASTM D3359)

– Lasted over 6,500 cycles in the abrasion test (ASTM D2794)

– Can withstand ANY solvent including acetone and brake cleaner.

BCG specifications:

– Mil-Spec 8620 tool steel M16 bolt carrier w/shrouded firing pin.

– Carrier has MIL-STD-171 hard chrome bore.

– Mil-Spec tool steel carrier key.

– Carrier key has MIL-STD-171 hard chrome bore.

– Carrier key is attached with Grade 8 hardware and properly staked per Mil-Spec.

– Bolts are CNC machined from Carpenter No. 158®.

– All bolts are shot peened per the current Mil-Spec.

– All bolts are Individually High Pressure Tested (HPT) and then Individually Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI).

– Tool steel extractor, shot peened, fitted with a Mil-Spec black extractor spring insert and Mil-Spec Viton o-ring.

– Mil-Spec firing pin with MIL-STD-171 hard chrome finish.

– Mil-Spec cam pin

– Mil-Spec firing pin retaining pin

– 100% manufactured in the USA by Azimuth Technologies

– Every part is coated in MAD Black except for the springs, roll pin and gas rings

Get it in any color you want as long as it’s MAD Black!

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Contact us to place your order (info@madcustomcoating.com). Sale begins Oct 31, 2014 at 12:00 am PST. Inquiries sent after Oct 31, 2014 at 12:00pm PST will not be valid.